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Transporting nuclear cargoes

Transporting specialist nuclear cargoes safely and securely requires huge experience and modern insight into current operational standards.

More than 2000 casks of nuclear material safely transported since 1975

INS’s 40-year history of transporting nuclear materials, coupled with a busy transport schedule for the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority and customers like the US Department of Energy, EDF Energy and the National Nuclear Laboratory, afford it the opportunity to ensure that its peoples’ skills and knowledge are built on uniquely solid foundations with up-to-date practical experience.


Experienced nuclear transporters

INS’ transport resources, including a purpose built INF3-class nuclear cargo vessel, extend to the access we have to the UK’s Civil Nuclear Constabulary, which has enormous experience working in partnership with INS to provide a maritime guard force where security regulations require it.

We also have the expertise to provide customers with specialist services associated with the transport of nuclear material, including safety, security, logistical services and comprehensive 24-hour global emergency response support.

Nuclear transport for you our customer

We bring to each customer our commitment to maintaining our flawless nuclear safety and security record.

We have a unique 40 year heritage in transporting specialist nuclear materials which we apply to each new transport challenge.

We seek continuous improvements through our ongoing nuclear transport activities.

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