Licensing nuclear packages

The unique heritage that INS draws upon extends to its understanding of domestic and international nuclear transport regulations and licensing.

Over 40 years of liaising with domestic and overseas Competent Authorities.

Not only have we worked within an increasingly mature regulatory framework for more than 40 years but, through the UK regulator and our leading role in the  World Nuclear Transport Institute , we contribute our experience to the formation and maintenance of the international nuclear transport guidelines as they evolve at the International Atomic Energy Agency.

This background allows us to provide our customers with a valuable insight into transport regulations in a way that guarantees compliance with both the letter and the spirit of the IAEA guidelines. Importantly, our knowledge also brings with it the ability to improve efficiencies to capture the importance of ensuring value for money.

INS can license your nuclear packages

INS will work with you to build a picture of your nuclear transport needs and advise you on how to ensure compliance.

Our experts’ contribution to the ongoing revision and improvement of IAEA nuclear transport regulations affords INS the opportunity to apply that insight for our customers’ benefit.

INS can use its experience of working with customers, competent authorities and stakeholders to improve the efficiency of your nuclear transport and ensure its compliance.

Proven track record of manufacturing and testing to IAEA standards.

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