We're changing. In April 2021, INS becomes part of Nuclear Transport Solutions. To find out more visit www.nucleartransportsolutions.com
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Designer of bespoke nuclear packages

Our unique 40-year track record gives us the capability to design and deliver end-to-end, or individual elements, of any specialist nuclear transport projects.

You tell us your challenge and we’ll find a solution.

What does this mean for you?

INS will work with you to understand the full scope and implications of your requirements.

INS will recommend solutions, which could be designing a full, or any component of, a nuclear transport solution.

INS has the capability to design and engineer bespoke nuclear transport packages.

A centre of expertise with a 20 strong team of nuclear package design experts

Design and analysis

Our large team of experts have decades of experience in disciplines such as finite element analysis, shielding, criticality assessments and mechanical design.

  • Design and license your new package from scratch and,
  • Use its knowledge of existing packages for whatever material you need to transport.
  • Can self-certify packages up to Type A classification.
45.1 TON
Container Lid Flasks Large Waste
Transport Container

We provide a complete range of flask design and approval services that meet the appropriate regulations and our customers’ requirements, with more than 40 years’ experience of providing services to customers in the UK and overseas.

Our experience includes packages for a wide range of materials, from fresh uranium and MOX fuel, to irradiated fuel and high level waste.

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