We're changing. In April 2021, INS becomes part of Nuclear Transport Solutions. To find out more visit www.nucleartransportsolutions.com
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Transport & Packaging

Whether it’s designing and delivering an entire nuclear transport operation, engineering and licensing a new package, or undertaking a marine shipment as part of an overall nuclear transport project, our focus is on delivering success for our customers.


Our unique 40-year track record gives us the capability to design and deliver end-to-end, or individual elements, of any specialist nuclear transport projects. You tell us your challenge and we’ll find a solution.

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The heritage that INS draws upon extends to its understanding of transport regulations and licensing. Our leading role in the World Nuclear Transport Institute allows us to provide our customers with valuable insight into transport regulations supporting compliance with IAEA requirements.

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INS is the solution to your specialist nuclear transport challenge.  No two transports are the same, so we invest time up front with our customers to gain a complete understanding of the challenges and overcome them one by one.

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INS also supplies ‘off the shelf’ nuclear packages. Procuring a nuclear package from INS means you are also accessing decades of experience of working with customers, competent authorities and stakeholders to ensure your package is suitable for your needs.

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