Guidance for Suppliers to International Nuclear Services      

At International Nuclear Services, we work in partnership with Suppliers to strive for excellent operational performance and Customer Satisfaction in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

We actively manage our supply chain through evaluation, audit and monitoring.

Guidance Documents


INS’ procurement strategy is to adopt an EU compliant procurement process that stimulates a mixed range of suppliers, to help develop and encourage a varied and competitive marketplace.

INS seeks to treat all contractors including small/medium business enterprises (SMEs) fairly and equitably and recognises specifically the important contribution that small businesses can make to the delivery of INS’ organisational objectives.


To support INS’ procurement vision, INS will adopt key principles:

  • Competition will be used to drive ‘value for money’
  • INS will engage with all levels of the supply chain and will encourage the use of SMEs.
  • All tender processes and contact awards will continue to comply with EU Procurement Directives.
  • Early supplier involvement will promote good understanding of project scope and risk.

SME growth plan

To drive an increase in the level of expenditure with the SME community, INS will:

Continue to encourage a diverse and competitive supply market

  • Include a requirement that Prime Contractors demonstrate a track record in achieving value for money through effective use of their supply chain, including the use of SMEs.
  • Recognise the role of SME specialist suppliers in delivering elements of larger contracts and framework agreements.
  • Ensure that all suppliers appreciate the full nature of the business requirements, increasing the likelihood of realistic bids and deliverable solutions.
  • Adopt a sensible approach to the use of bonds, insurances and retention consistent with contract risk and value.
  • Improve access to contract opportunities by:
    • Publishing details of awarded contracts.
    • Encouraging the prime contracting community to diversify its supply chain.
    • Promoting and encouraging prompt payment terms through all levels of the supply chain.


INS is covered by EU treaty requirements of publicity and equality of treatment.

INS is required to advertise requirements under the EU Directive where the estimated value of contracts exceeds the EU thresholds.  All procurements over £10K are advertised on Contracts Finder where it is appropriate to do so.

INS believes that competition is the best way to demonstrate value for money, recognising that effective competition requires a healthy market and well defined client specifications.

Prequalification and Tender Assessment

INS uses the NDA standard template for the prequalification process.

Procurement Planning

INS publish on a quarterly basis a procurement pipeline; the current pipeline can be found by clicking this link:   INS Procurement Pipeline Quarter 4 2018 /19

The procurement pipeline sets out INS’ planned commitments and will afford key stakeholders the opportunity of reviewing our contracting strategies and the approach to major procurements.

Procurement Opportunities

All INS Procurement Opportunities (over £10k in value) are advertised in the INS section of the NDA CTM system. To view opportunities or to submit a tender you will need to register, the following link will allow registration: Link >>>

Contract Strategies

Contracting strategies identify the critical success factors for the project/service required and underpin how INS’ requirements are translated into Invitations to Tender.

INS’ general principle is that services/commodities will be procured according to best practice.  No single model is appropriate and INS will use a range of strategies.

The ultimate goal is to optimise risk transfer and opportunities whilst providing adequate safety and programme control.

Collaborative procurement

INS is actively participating in collaborative opportunities across the NDA estate.

INS along with all other NDA Site Licence companies is examining opportunities for aggregating spend on common goods and services and establishing framework agreements which operate across all of the NDA estate.

NDA Supply Chain Charter

INS actively supports the Supply Chain Charter for Nuclear Decommissioning Sites.

The charter aims to foster good working relations throughout all levels of the supply chain and sets out the principles by which the Site Licence Companies will encourage mutually beneficial and rewarding relationships.

Modern Slavery Act Statement

INS is committed to ensuring that there is no modern slavery or human trafficking in any part of its supply chain: INS Modern Slavery Act Statement

INS Payment Performance

INS’s policy is to pay all supplier invoices no later than 30 days from the date the invoice is regarded as valid and undisputed as required under PCR2015, Regulation 113: LINK >>>

Contact details

For more information please contact:

Matt Armstrong INS Head of Procurement Email: