Executive Team

Mark Jervis

Managing Director

Mark has over 25 years experience in the nuclear industry.

After graduating with a Chemistry degree from Nottingham University, Mark commenced his career in the High Level Waste Plants at the Sellafield site in the UK working on the development of the high level waste vitrification process. He transferred to the commercial division of the spent fuel management group within BNFL (now International Nuclear Services) in 1989, progressing through a number of roles to become responsible for the negotiation and management of multi-million pound contracts with UK and overseas customers for reprocessing and recycling services from Sellafield.

Mark became Commercial Director of International Nuclear Services (INS) in 2007, responsible for a wide portfolio of contracts worth several billion pounds. He was subsequently promoted to Managing Director of INS in June 2008. In his current role, Mark also oversees all aspects of INS’s International Transport Operations.

Mark has extensive experience of negotiating and managing complex commercial contracts for recycling and transport services, as well as managing international customer relations.

Mark is a member of the INS Board. Mark is a Director of both INS Japan KK and INS Rokkasho KK. Mark is also a Director of Pacific Nuclear Transport Ltd and Chairman of the World Nuclear Transport Institute.

Peter Buchan

Director of Shipping

In March 2015, Peter Buchan moved from the role of Business Development and Corporate Responsibility Director to become the Director of Shipping.

Peter has a BSc (Hons) in Chemistry and has vast experience working with European and Japanese customers, most recently in MOX and transport areas. Peter joined the nuclear industry with BNFL in 1991 and in the early part of his career he worked in the reprocessing and MOX commercial area, following which he served as Special Assistant to a BNFL Board director and spent just under four years as a General Manager in the BNFL Japan Tokyo Office.

Alaine Greaves

Finance Director

Since 2004, Alaine has been the Head of Finance for International Nuclear Services and became Finance Director of International Nuclear Services in April 2008.

Alaine commenced her career with Deloitte and Touche, qualifying as a Chartered Accountant and then spent 2 years with the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. Alaine joined BNFL in 2001 and was responsible for BNFL Group’s Financial Accounts team and Treasury Back Office functions at its Corporate Centre in Daresbury.

Seth Kybird

Commercial Director

In May 2013, Seth Kybird was appointed to the role of Commercial Director.

Seth began his career with Deloitte, qualifying as an Accountant in the London practice, before joining KPMG’s Transaction Services team, focusing on M&A. He then spent a number of years as a strategy consultant, working for a number of commercial and government clients, across a range of sectors, with a particular focus on the nuclear industry. Clients included UK Atomic Energy Authority, Sellafield Ltd, Horizon and INS. Seth also spent time working for the UK Government’s Shareholder Executive team, focusing on the management of nuclear legacies through the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority(NDA) as well as the development of the UK new build programme. He joined the NDA in 2012, focusing on government relations and the delivery of a number of major programmes.

Alastair Brown

Technical Director

Alastair has over 25 years experience in the nuclear industry.

Alastair started his career at the Sellafield site and for the last 15 years has undertaken various roles within International Nuclear Services. He has extensive experience of interfacing with international customers, governments, regulators of nuclear transportation and local stakeholders. Alastair is a company spokesman for nuclear transport world-wide and participates in the UK delegation for Inter-governmental negotiations in relation to nuclear transportation.

Alastair is Director of Pacific Nuclear Transport Limited (PNTL) and also represents International Nuclear Services as a Director of the World Nuclear Transport Institute (WNTI) in London.

Chris Watson

Business Services Director

In April 2016, Chris Watson joined INS as Business Services Director following almost 10 years with the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA).

Chris has an BSc (Hons) in Mathematics and MSc in Oceanography. He has considerable experience in Portfolio, Programme and Project Management; Assurance; and Health and Safety (including Safety Cases).

Chris commenced his career in environmental consultancy on flood and coastal defences for the likes of Environment Agency and Harwich Haven Authority. He progressed to nuclear environmental, predominantly marine and hydrological, managing contracts with Sellafield Ltd and LLWR. In 2001 Chris joined RM Consultants (now Areva RMC) and became a Safety Case specialist for the nuclear sector (with customers including AWE, DSRL, UKAEA and Sellafield Ltd). From 2006 onwards Chris held several management roles in the NDA comprising Engineering Validation, Strategy development, Business Case approvals, Assurance and Portfolio Management.