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  • Arrival of Pacific Heron

    12th June 2008

    A new PNTL vessel, the Pacific Heron, has arrived at her home port of Barrow-in-Furness. The ship has been constructed by Mitsui Engineering and ...

  • New Commercial Director

    22nd May 2008

    Following the appointment of Mark Jervis as the new Managing Director of INS, we are pleased to announce the appointment of John Edwards as Commercial Director ...

  • New Managing Director

    2nd May 2008

    Following the appointment of John Clarke as the new Commercial Director at the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, we are pleased to announce that Mark Jervis, ...

  • Thorp Pond Elevator

    10th April 2008

    Background Shearing in the Thorp reprocessing plant was stopped on 28 January following a mechanical breakdown. The elevator which takes fuel from the feed ...

  • End of an era for the Pacific Teal

    11th February 2008

    One of the Pacific Nuclear Transport Limited (PNTL) fleet of ships used for transporting nuclear fuel between the UK and Japan has been taken out of service and...

  • INS Achieve Major Milestone in Safety Performance

    16th January 2008

    INS has achieved a full 12 months without a Days Away Case, giving us a Days Away Case Rate (DACR) of zero. DACR is a measure defined by Occupational Safety and...

  • MEB export store open

    10th January 2008

    Success has been the name of the game in Thorp Receipt and Storage as the new Multi Element Bottle (MEB) Export Facility (MEBXF) has started up. The facility ...

  • Lifting the lid on Thorp

    20th December 2007

    The lid was lifted on Thorp this week to allow the installation of a new Medium Active Salt Free Evaporator (MASFE). Part of the roof has been removed and the ...