We're changing. In April 2021, INS becomes part of Nuclear Transport Solutions. To find out more visit www.nucleartransportsolutions.com
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International Nuclear Services is changing

INS is joining forces with its fellow NDA transport subsidiaries to become Nuclear Transport Solutions, launching in April 2021.

Our owner, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, is bringing together its transport expertise and capabilities into a single nuclear transport division.

The new organisation will be called Nuclear Transport Solutions (NTS) and will fully launch in April 2021.

NTS will be a centre of excellence that brings together the operational, commercial, engineering, legal, and regulatory expertise that underpin nuclear transport and logistics operations.

Its primary objective will be to support the NDA’s important mission to clean up the UK’s earliest civil nuclear sites. It will also use its world-leading expertise to provide commercial activities in the UK and overseas, as well as providing transport services for customers outside of the nuclear sector.

NTS will operate Direct Rail Services (DRS) and Pacific Nuclear Transport Ltd (PNTL), who will continue to deliver rail and shipping services for customers, building on decades of experience of providing safe, secure and reliable transport solutions.

INS’s specialist nuclear transport, design and licensing capability will come under Nuclear Transport Solutions in the future.

Seth Kybird, Chief Executive of NTS, said:

“We are creating NTS to become the leading global provider of safe, secure and reliable nuclear transport solutions – building on the experience and capabilities of DRS, INS and PNTL to support the NDA’s important clean-up mission, and deliver great value for our customers in the UK and overseas.

 “This is an exciting opportunity for us to build a vibrant and profitable organisation with an exciting and challenging mission of national and global importance.”

Find out more: Nuclear Transport Solutions | Safe. Secure. Reliable.