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INS commits to closing gender gap at sea

International Nuclear Services is proud to announce its continued support for gender diversity for seafarers by becoming the latest firm to sign up to the Women in Maritime Charter.

The charter aims to ensure equality with both INS, and its subsidiary Pacific Nuclear Transport Ltd, wholly committed to achieving a more diverse workforce.

Women make up just two per cent of the world’s 1.2million seafarers. There are currently eight female employees in PNTL’s ranks, with three in management positions.

Despite being slightly ahead of the international average, both INS and PNTL are determined to see even more women join the ranks.

A target of 10 per cent has been set and agreed as part of an ambitious five-year plan aimed at improving the gender balance.

As well as having more women join PNTL, the plan aims to see more women promoted to both middle and senior management positions.

Peter Buchan, Operations Director, said: “Our equality, diversity and inclusion record is extremely important to us. We are pleased with what we have been able to achieve so far, but realise there is still more to be done.

“We look forward to playing an active role with Women in Maritime, and helping to address the gender imbalance. We want to be able to celebrate a more diverse workforce, where women are more visible than ever before, and joining the Women in Maritime is a big step towards achieving that goal.”

Kate Allen, Second Officer for PNTL, added: “INS/PNTL has set out some ambitious goals, and I will continue to work hard to help and support them. Hopefully, women on board our ships will become the norm and not the exception.

“Helping to create a diverse maritime workforce is important to me, because at sea we are all one. We represent everyone and everything, and work together to create a unique and dynamic workforce.”

Chrissie Clarke, Programme Manager for Maritime UK said: “There has never been a more pressing time to focus on diversity and inclusion.

“Maritime UK is determined that this process be robust and more than a simple designation. We look forward to working with INS/PNTL to support the realisation of their new action plan.”