INS attends PATRAM in New Orleans

INS is attending the International Symposium on the Packaging and Transportation of Radioactive Materials (PATRAM) in New Orleans this month.

The event takes place every three years and this year we are proud to share our stand with our sister company Direct Rail Services (DRS).

We have an exciting programme with INS delivering eight presentations covering our unique nuclear transport expertise and our recent ground-breaking nuclear packaging and licensing achievements. Highlights include:

  • The UK’s first ever Multiple Water Barrier Package
  • Vital Area Identification (VAI) in Transport: Countering the Threat from Sabotage
  • Radiological Protection in Transporting Fissile Material within Refrigerated ISOs
  • Collaborative delivery of complex multi modal transport solutions

INS is also proud to be making a joint presentation with the US DoE (Department of Energy) on the Considerations for the Maritime Transport of Category I Quantities of Fissile Materials.

In addition INS Engineers have submitted three exciting posters that explain:

  • The 1648C nuclear transport package
  • The use of 3D scanning technologies and virtual reality to validate transport operations interfaces
  • Licensing the UK’s First Multiple Water Barrier Package

Our sister company DRS will be delivering three papers on:

  • Effective Risk Management of Radioactive Material Transport in the Commercial Rail Environment
  • Mixed Load Transportation
  • The Use of Emergency Exercises to Promote a Culture of Security and Resilience in the Radioactive Material Transport Industry

Together INS and DRS are hosting an exhibition stand at the conference where the teams from both organisations will be available to discuss our international consultancy work and joint capabilities.

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