Announcing our new strategy

Today we are proud to be launching our new strategy.

The INS Corporate Strategy explains how we will use the expertise and capabilities we’ve built up throughout our past to achieve our new vision – to be the best global provider of nuclear transport solutions in the future.

We’re committing to four strategic objectives that will help us achieve our new vision:

  • Successfully deliver nuclear transport solutions to support the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA)
  • Operate commercially and be self-funding
  • Deliver external business in transport and consultancy
  • Support UK and other Governments’ wider policy objectives

We will retain our primary objective to support the NDA mission, but our refreshed strategy also sets out how we intend to develop new transport and consultancy business opportunities in the UK and overseas to generate additional revenue, and deliver greater value to NDA as our shareholder.

Our strategy is exciting and ambitious. It challenges us to become a high-performing organisation, delivering quality transport solutions in support of the NDA, and serving new customers with a more diverse range of product offerings.

Click here to read: Our People, Our Future, Our Strategy – the INS Corporate Strategy 2019-2029