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INS presents at Decomm 2018

INS Senior Sales Manager, Ozma Taylor, recently attended and presented at the Nuclear Industry Association’s (NIA) first decommissioning conference.  In her blog Ozma explains she was one of the presenters at the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority’s (NDA) Supply Chain session…

At the recent NIA event I was pleased to be asked to talk about the role of the NDA and how we can tap into UK expertise to tackle global nuclear challenges, which NDA Commercial Director, Kate Ellis touched on during her session. I explained how the INS Intellectual Property (IP) Sales Team provides commercial services centred around marketing and exploiting the intellectual property, knowledge and know-how of the NDA internationally. 

The combination of NDA IP, Site licence company knowledge, and UK supply chain expertise means that we can offer solutions to complex nuclear issues based on over 60 years of UK experience. INS is in the unique position of being able to provide access to the operators at these sites and provide insight into everything from reprocessing technology, waste management disposal, packages and package maintenance, fuel cycle transportation, and decommissioning.

UK industry as well as end users can approach INS to discuss their requirements and potential opportunities. We’ll establish the source of the IP or the information being sought and conduct a due diligence exercise to establish who owns it. Once ownership is determined the knowledge can be offered commercially to the UK industry or directly to the end user. The aim is to save customers or end users time and money. INS can provide support to the supply chain or work ‘hand in hand’ to develop opportunities.

It’s a win-win. We’re able to offer customers around the world solutions to complex nuclear issues, whilst helping the UK industry get access to overseas markets.

I thought the conference was a great opportunity to spread the message that UK nuclear experience and expertise can really help to solve nuclear challenges around the world.