INS shares best practice in nuclear transport security

Transport security regulators, international organisations, operators, and other experts met this week at the IAEA headquarters in Vienna to discuss the security of nuclear and other radioactive material in transport.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is the international centre for co-operation in the nuclear field. The Agency works with its Member States and multiple partners worldwide to promote the safe, secure and peaceful use of nuclear technologies.

Throughout the year IAEA holds a number of conferences and technical meetings, such as this one, to share knowledge and information.

Representing both International Nuclear Services (INS) and the World Nuclear Transport Institute (WNTI), Senior Security Manager Bob Officer delivered a duty holder’s viewpoint and briefing entitled “Industry Perspective on International Roles and Responsibilities for Transport Security”.

Bob said:

“The transport of nuclear and other radioactive materials takes place outside of secured facilities and this presents a unique set of risks and security considerations. The meeting this week was an opportunity for delegates from a number of different countries to discuss best practice and share information. I was pleased to be able to give an industry perspective and answer a number of questions from a diverse international audience.”

Delegates at the IAEA Technical Meeting on Security of Nuclear and other Radioactive Material in Transport

WNTI plays a vital role on behalf of the industry by helping to promote a sound international framework for radioactive materials transport. They help to build consensus, co-operation and understanding in what is a complex regulatory, commercial and political environment.

INS is a founder member of WNTI and has used the skills and experience built up over 40 years to safely and securely deliver a number of high profile nuclear transport projects around the world.