Decommissioning of the European Shearwater

Operated by International Nuclear Services for the NDA, the Shearwater has been in service since 1981, giving years of excellent service.

 The decommissioning of the Shearwater will be undertaken safely and in an environmentally sensitive way, with materials from the vessel recycled wherever possible. Last year the Pacific Teal was decommissioned and we achieved 97 per cent of material recycled, a level that we are striving towards again.
As part of the decommissioning process, International Nuclear Services has donated items from the vessel to five worthy local organisations, including: Furness Homeless Support Group, Salvation Army and Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service.
INS Operations Director Alastair Brown said: "The European Shearwater, which has been a great servant to the fleet transporting a range of nuclear materials between the UK and mainland Europe, has been taken out of service and will be recycled. There will be benefits through recycling, especially to the environment. We are happy to offer various pieces of equipment from the Shearwater to good causes which we hope will benefit the local organisations."
Photograph courtesy of the North West Evening Mail.