Atlantic Osprey Returns to Service

The Atlantic Osprey has recently been returned to full service following a successful programme of work to modify the vessel.

In 2008, the Atlantic Osprey, an NDA owned vessel, operated by INS, was due for a routine dry-docking. In preparing for that, INS reviewed the likely forward programme for the vessel, and identified two key issues:

1)      The vessel’s work programme was significant for several years to come.
2)      The forward programme included carriage of heavier flasks.

As a result of these two factors, a ‘life extension’ study was undertaken to ensure the vessel would continue to be fully acceptable for use until at least 2016. In addition, the heavier flasks required a small increase in the ships deadweight (cargo carrying capacity) together with some localised strengthening of the decks. In discussion with the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) which is the Maritime Authority of the United Kingdom, it was decided that, in carrying out the modifications, it would also be appropriate to further subdivide the hold area to improve the damage stability of the vessel and accommodate the heavier cargo.  The refit programme was agreed with the MCA and inspected by surveyors from the organisation, including stability modifications, to ensure that the vessel continues to comply with requirements of the INF code for an INF 2 vessel.

The main modifications to the Atlantic Osprey were:

  • Main cargo deck strengthened locally to accept heavier flasks and sealed to provide additional subdivision.
  • Replacement of the portable bulkhead inside the stern door with a fixed bulkhead incorporating a hydraulic watertight door to improve operability and an additional bulkhead in the main hold to further improve subdivision.
  • Removal of little used moveable decks to reduce weight and improve cargo capacity.
  • Overhaul of hydraulic systems.
  • Overhaul of engines.
  • Refurbishment of stern door and its operating mechanism.
  • Upgrade of galley and accommodation areas

Following her return to service the Atlantic Osprey has recently completed two voyages successfully.