End of an era for the Pacific Teal

One of the Pacific Nuclear Transport Limited (PNTL) fleet of ships used for transporting nuclear fuel between the UK and Japan has been taken out of service and sent for recycling.

The Pacific Teal has been used to transport a range of nuclear materials between Europe and Japan since 1982. The Teal left the port at Barrow and towed to the Netherlands where the ship will be cleaned, dismantled and then broken up for recycling.

John Clarke, Managing Director of International Nuclear Services said: “The Pacific Teal has given more than 20 years of excellent service to the PNTL fleet, making a number of important journeys transporting a range of nuclear materials between Europe and Japan.

“PNTL has successfully completed over 170 shipments in the last 30 years, with the ships safely covering more than five million miles without a single incident resulting in the release of radioactivity, and the Pacific Teal has played a big part in this success. The ship will be replaced by the Pacific Heron.”

The decommissioning of the Teal is being undertaken safely and in the most environmentally friendly way possible – all of the steel from the vessel will be recycled.

The method that will be used satisfies all the internationally recognised regulations and guidelines for this kind of operation. These include the Basel Convention, the International Maritime Organisation’s recommendations on ship recycling and the International Chamber of Shipping’s code of practice. It also satisfies the UK Environment Agency’s Waste Export Regulations.