MEB export store open

Success has been the name of the game in Thorp Receipt and Storage as the new Multi Element Bottle (MEB) Export Facility (MEBXF) has started up.

The facility has recently commenced the active commissioning phase and will allow for the removal of some 400 empty MEBs so freeing up space for 1000te of fuel in the ponds.

Light Water Reactor (LWR) fuel has been stored underwater within these cylindrical containers known as MEBs for over 20 years in some cases. After the fuel is removed for reprocessing, the empty MEBs have continued to be stored in the ponds because they cannot be reused.

Bob Burns, Project Manager explained: “The empty MEBs are firstly lifted out of the storage pond, rinsed down and monitored. They are placed into special ISO freight containers which are transferred to the new MEB Interim Store (MEBIS).”

“The team has been working on this project for over 10 years on and off and I’m very pleased to see this new facility up and running.”

The MEBIS was built last year to accommodate 400 MEBs at a cost of £1.5m, which could be extended to take 1000 if necessary. This facility will store the MEBs loaded into special ISO freight containers until a final disposal route is made available.

Tom Gardner, Head of Manufacturing, Fuel Services said: “The start up of the MEBXF is very important to allow us the space to store more fuel in the pond system and to provide the flexibility to easily move fuel around in the pond.”